Clinics We Offer

For registered patients we provide all the services typically provided by a modern GP surgery. We have general medical practitioners, practice nurses, a midwife clinic, a district nurse, health visiting team, on site pharmacist and social prescribing clinic.

The range of additional comprehensive services for registered patients includes the following:

Adult immunisations

Asthma clinics

Blood pressure monitoring
Blood pressure monitoring and Ambulatory home BP Monitoring
Cervical screening 

Childhood immunisations 

Chlamydia Screening

Contraceptive services 

COPD clinic

Counselling Service 



Diabetic clinics 

Ear Irrigation/ear wax removal

Family Planning

Health Promotion (Weight loss advice/ Blood pressure checks)


Joint Injections 

Learning Disability Health Checks 

Maternity/ antenatal services 

Minor illness clinics 

NHS Health Checks 

Pharmacy services

Phlebotomy clinics


Ring Pessary service 

Social prescribing clinic

Spirometry clinic

Stop smoking advice 

Travel Vaccinations

Wound management service 


Seasonal Flu Vaccination

Flu (also known as influenza) is a highly infectious illness caused by the flu virus. It spreads rapidly through small droplets coughed or sneezed into the air by an infected person.   For most people, flu is unpleasant but not serious. You will usually recover within a week.

Studies have shown that flu vaccines provide effective protection against the flu, although protection may not be complete and may vary between people. Protection from the vaccine gradually decreases and flu strains change over time. Therefore, new vaccines are made each year and people at risk of flu are encouraged to be vaccinated every year.

The flu vaccination is offered to people in at-risk groups. These people are at greater risk of developing serious complications if they catch flu, such as pregnant women and elderly people.

Click for more details and to see if you are eligible

Click here to see how flu clinics will run at the surgery this winter

Flu vaccine easy read letter

Why am i being asked to wait to have my flu vaccine?


The demands of COVID has made this year especially challenging for all practices to conduct flu clinics.  But we are very proud of the continued efforts of the practice nursing team in delivering the flu clinics this year and for all their extra efforts in making this safe for our patients.  

The picture below shows one of our practices Nurse’s with a volunteer on a round of delivering flu vaccines to house bound and shielding patients.  

The practice is thankful to have such a dedicated nursing team! 



Flu Alert! 

We are aware that some patients have been invited in for a flu vaccine that is not eligible to have one.

This happened due to a computer error on our clinical system. Since our providers have advise us of this mistake we are taking steps to exclude any further patients who are not eligible for this.

We sincerely apologise to anyone that this may have affected and for any confusion.  


Diabetic Clinic

Diabetic clinic is run by the diabetic specialist nurse every Tuesday and Thursday by Dr Rajaratnam. To book yourself into the clinic please call the reception team. Please note these appointments are not open to the general public and are only used for diabetic reviews.

Type 2 diabetes: You could be more at risk than you think 

Diabetes Prevention Programme 


Cervical Screening

Cervical screening: support for people who feel anxious about attending

A cervical screening test (previously known as a smear test) is a method of detecting abnormal cells on the cervix. The cervix is the entrance to the womb from the vagina. Detecting and removing abnormal cervical cells can prevent cervical cancer.

The NHS cervical screening program is co-ordinated by NHS public Health England. The aim of the NHS Cervical Screening Programme is to reduce the number of women who develop cervical cancer and reduce the number who die from it. All women within the ages groups below will be invited for cervical screening: 

  • aged 25 to 49 – every 3 years
  • aged 50 to 64 – every 5 years
  • over 65 – only women who have recently had abnormal tests

To make an appointment for your test please contact the surgery and make an appointment with the Nurse.

a large pair of scissors

Minor Surgery

We carry out minor surgery at the practice. This is by appointment only, having been referred by your doctor.



Cyothappay consists of freezing warts, verruca’s and skin tags. We run clinics once weekly for this service. This is by appointment only, having been referred by your doctor.


Dermatology Clinic

This clinic is run once weekly with a GP. This is by appointment only, having been referred by your doctor.


Maternity Services

Ante-natal Clinic

To be referred to the hospital antenatal clinic you can self- refer or see a doctor in a routine appointment (the first midwife led appointments occur around 12 weeks into pregnancy).

There is a midwife who sees our patients every Wednesday afternoon for routine appointments during the pregnancy.

Post-natal Clinic 

After delivery you will require a six week check for mum and baby. The practice provides 30min appointments with the doctor for these checks. To book your appointment please contact the receptionist and ask for a 6 week check.

For new expectant mothers you can organise your pregnancy care early by doing a self referral to the early bird team.

To do this, please download a referral form and send it back to: Once received the early bird team will send you an appointment to see a midwife within 10 working days.

a close up of a bottle

Child and Adult Immunisations

Children and Adult Immunisations are carried out by the Practice Nurses. Additional Adult Immunisations can be given by the Health Care Assistants (e.g. Shingles/ Flu/ Pneumococcal)

Please note: When attending Child Immunisation appointments, please remember to bring their red book so that we can update the child’s records. Please book with the practice nurse. 


Learning Disability Health Checks

People with learning disabilities often have poorer physical and mental health than other people. This doesn’t need to be the case.

We offer an Annual Health Check for adults and young people aged 14 or above with learning disabilities who need more health support and who may otherwise have health conditions that go undetected.

Anyone aged 14 and over who have been assessed as having moderate, severe or profound learning disabilities, or people with a mild learning disability who have other complex health needs, are entitled to a free annual health check.

Before you have the check you will be asked to complete a blood test so that your results can be discussed with you on the day of your appointment.

At the check you will be asked to attend two appointments, one with Nurse Jackie Warren and the a 2nd with Dr Rachel Williams. 

You can bring a carer or support worker with you if you wish and you should also bring your purple folder.



Spirometry is a simple test used to help diagnose and monitor certain lung conditions by measuring how much air you can breathe out in one forced breath.

It's carried out using a device called a spirometer, which is a small machine attached by a cable to a mouthpiece.

Nurse Julie Hatton runs weekly spirometry clinics on Wednesday afternoons.


COPD Clinics

Once COPD is diagnosed you will be invited to attend the surgery clinic at least once a year and for some people it may be every 6 months. Your general health will be assessed and your daily symptoms and treatments discussed. You will be asked to perform another spirometry. You may be referred to attend the pulmonary rehabilitation group sessions to learn more about COPD and how to manage your condition.

COPD exacerbation: home management

If you have severe COPD your doctor/ nurse may advise you to have emergency medication at home for you to immediately self-treat an exacerbation of your COPD, in order to prevent your condition from getting worse.


NHS Health Checks

If you are aged between 40-74 years old and do NOT suffer with a chronic disease (i.e. diabetes) or high blood pressure then you are eligible to have a free NHS health check.

Our Health Care Assistants can provide a NHS health check for you in 30 minutes. These checks aim to help identify and lower your risk of developing common but often preventable disease(s) such as heart attack or stroke.

Prior to the appointment you will need a blood test. Please contact the surgery to for further information.

a close up of a bottle


We have a phlebotomist at the practice once a week on Wednesday mornings between 8.45am - 10.20am. This service is by appointment only. 

Please contact the surgery to book an appointment with the phlebotomist.


Smoking Cessation Clinics

Our Health Care Assistant will help patients stop smoking.

Please enquire at reception if you are interested.


Family Planning Clinics

We offer a full range of contraceptive services including the fitting of implants and coils. Two of our practice nurses are fully trained in family planning and can give advice on all methods and arrange prescriptions.

We offer Emergency Contraception - Please contact the surgery as soon as possible and let the receptionist know.

Oral contraceptive provision in primary care can now be accessed via an online service provided by SH:24. This service allows you to request contraception medications and services without having to visit your GP. Please click here for more information.

Termination of Pregnancy ‚Äč

Marie Stopes UK have recently opened a new clinic in Edgware (25 Gervase Road, Burnt Oak, Edgware HA8 0NR). The clinic will be open on Mondays and Tuesdays, 08.15 – 18.30. This clinic will be providing free early medical abortion treatment (up to 9 weeks and 6 days).
Self Referral Form
Covid-19 Service Update

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Pharmacy services

The practice has an in house pharmacist who can see and treat patients for some minor conditions and medication reviews. The receptionist may navigate you to see the pharmacist if appropriate.


We have a physiotherapist service every Tuesday morning. You can see the physiotherapist for a first assessment instead of seeing a doctor. The physiotherapist can assess many physical injuries and pains. Appointments are 20 minutes long.



Counselling and cognitive behaviour therapy may be available via a referral from the doctor, or patients can self-refer to the Single Point of Access Mental Health Services on 0300-777-0707.

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Social prescribing clinic

We now offer appointments with our Social Prescriber once a week. She can see patients for help with:

  • Help and support for people tying to maintain indepedance
  • Follow up welfare checks
  • Support for patients with falls
  • Support for carers
  • Help liaising with social care and housing
  • Benefits support
  • Debt counselling

For more information please contact the receptionist.