Health lifestyles


Read the attachments below for more information about the free Beezee Bodies programme that supports families in Hertfordshire with children who are above an ideal weight. Fully funded by Hertfordshire County Council, you can refer patients who fit this criteria into the service.


You can refer patients into the service in three ways:


·         Call on 01707 248648

·         Through the refer a Client to BeeZee Bodies page on the website

·         Email Beezee Bodies


Patients can also self-refer into the Beezeze Bodies programme via:


1)      Telephone on 01707 248648

2)      Via the Beezee Bodies website where they will need to complete a very short form. Patients will be contacted directly

3)      Email Beezee Bodies


The programme also offers professional training on topics such as raising the issue of obesity. Email Beezee Bodies for more information on the training.