Requesting Medication Not On Your Repeat List

  • If you are not using your repeat prescription list, or the review date has passed, please assume it will take 5 full working days to process the request. When requesting prescriptions please be aware that our promise of trying to get repeat prescriptions issued within 72 hours (3 full working days) only applies to repeat list medications where the review date has not passed.

  • Remember, 5 full working days means if you hand the request in on Wednesday afternoon do not expect it to be ready to collect before Wednesday afternoon the following week.

  • This is because all of these requests have to be approved by your usual doctor before being issued. The doctor needs to review your notes and assess if the medication you are requesting is appropriate and safe. As not all doctors are in every day there is the extra 2 days to process these. If there is a safety concern regarding the request, for example you are over-due a review, blood test, or blood pressure check, we may not be able to issue the prescription at this time, until these checks are done. This is particularly likely to happen if you have not engaged with a previous request, e.g. to attend for a review.

  • If your review date is overdue please do not automatically book an appointment with a doctor (even if told to do so by your pharmacy). Your doctor will review your repeat medication list and records and will decide whether you need to see a doctor or nurse, or you may not need to be seen at all at the present time. You can add a note to your prescription sheet to ask.